Why you should be Careful on Public Computers

So, to begin, the following has NOT happened to me, but I wanted to make sure people understand why public computers and certain browser features can be bad... very bad for you.

Let's say you sign in to your email account on a public, or unfamiliar computer. The machine asks you to save the password for that site, and silly you, chooses to accept. OK. So, now you've finished your work,you haven't erased your tracks, and the next person comes along... if the next person comes to the same email provider that you have visited, they'll see something like this :



So yeah, they can login as you, see all your mail, perhaps other sensitive information in emails...in short, they can find out a lot. If they were really naughty, they would just do this in the address bar and get your password :


without looking at the src code on this page, you can try it here and see what I've set as the password above.

What can you do? Well, here are 5 safety tip for using a public computer.


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