Get ReSharper 4.0 from their Nightly Builds Page

This isn't really new, I know, I know I've heard it all before about ReSharper. "ReSharper is ok but...," or "It's expensive..." or "Blah blah ReSharper...," or some other comment from some jerky developer deeming it useless. Even if you think the rewards aren't that great in terms of orgiastic programming results;
think about your hands (and fingers), and all the wasted keystrokes. Damnit.

Scott Hanselman discusses the programmer's hands and how important they are to your career (BC: and of course, your life). Although ReSharper may not indeed save you from some terrible hand condition... Everything helps.

I spent hours a day for years in my past life as a classical musician honing finger movements for ultimate efficiency. Why? Because you want to be able to pick your nose when your 80.

Yes I have a crazy ergo keyboard and trackball rat.

In any case. My comment to the unbelievers is:

Have fun wasting your time. [loser]

I am in no way affiliated with ReSharper, JetBrains, or any other Visual Studio plugin like CodeRush. I'm just a coder d00d. But, like me, if you're in a situation where the company you work for supports time-saving tools for their developers, then you need some sort of Visual Studio add-on (or whatever IDE) like this.

I've tried "convincing" other developers and showing them how awesome it is--turning a huge list of private items to public getter/setters should have been enough--but no one seems to care! For me: incorporating, LINQ and extension methods in 3.0 is the best part. For months I dealt with all the broken [looking] LINQ queries with ReSharper 3.1--but no more!

So to anyone that hasn't tried it for Visual Studio 2008... here are the ReSharper 4.0 nightly builds for your pleasure...

And for anyone else I say: remember your digits... and I give thee this.

broken developer finger

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Submitted by brian on Tue, 05/20/2008 - 1:35am.
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Yes, they are free! They come with a 30-day trial each (that's 30-days per build), and I'm on my second build.

Submitted by brian on Tue, 05/20/2008 - 12:51am.
The Case for ReSharper

I share your opinion on ReSharper as a great productivity tool for .NET developers using Visual Studio. I'm also trying to convince/show some co-workers about its benefits, but I think they don't want to bother learning a new set of shortcuts...their loss. Anyhow, I've written a post on the The Case for ReSharper in the Enterprise if it can help people to know more about its benefits.

Keep up the good writing!

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 05/19/2008 - 1:44pm.

So, are the EAP builds free? Or do you have to have a jetbrains license to use them?

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 05/19/2008 - 12:48pm.

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